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Feed nuits always unless you got problems then a flush may be needed. HighFlyerFlyingHighPM Sounds good mate, thanks for the input, I think I should be ok to get cracking now, whats the veg time looking for nowtonightall weekend in coco normally, I dont wanna go to long as I dont want trees but I got weeks without pushing myself for time when it comes to finishing up and moving house, I think I should get decent sized plants off a 3 week veg, well will see soon enough, bring on the buddage!! HighFlyerFlyingHighPM hello l, I'm afew days away from recieving my babys and getting this show on the road. I wasnt thinking straight the other day, I got the ph and ec wrong for some reason, I thought its the ph which can be the issue in coco but obviously if I keep using 5.

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